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Marianne in London

My names is Marianne and I was born in Norway almost three decades ago. My father is Norwegian and my mother is Danish and I ended up marrying a Swede. After living in different Scandinavian countries all my life I moved to England when I turned 20 to study. Two years ago I married my handsome stereotypical looking (tall, blond, blue eyes) Swede and we have now settled down here in England.

The last two years I have been trying to create a home for us, and in the process I have come to terms with my deep rooted Nordic style. Unfortunately, many of the most popular brands in the Nordic countries are not available here in England. To begin with I was “window shopping” by looking at the popular Nordic interior blogs and wishing I could create the same look. On my travels over to Scandinavia I tried to bring things home with me but you can only fit so much in your suitcase. My other rescue was IKEA taking the risk of ending up with a IKEA catalogue home. But now I have decided it is time to share the joy with you here in England.

I am currently in the process of finding Nordic brands that you, my stylish reader, would like to have in your home. If you have any requests please do not hesitate to comment or send me an e-mail on marianne (at) nordicbliss.co.uk. Soon the web shop will be up and running and you will have access to items that can help you create the popular Nordic style in your home.

Take care
XX Marianne