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There is something about worn out leather… it just ads personality. It shows signs of a life, of times that have been, experience, uniqueness. It is a prime example that used/worn is beautiful. I love the gold and black details in these pictures, and the leather chairs, simple but beautiful.

I can’t help but get a bit homesick when I see this typical winter midday picture (the winters in Scandinavia are dark, we only get a couple of hours of light, and it becomes immensely precious – the light).

My husband is still in Sweden and I have gone a little bit crazy in our apartment moving our furniture around and making long lists of things I want to buy/DIY in our living room. I am not sure why I always do that… seek after change, try to improve… it doesn’t always get better but I have that urge to move things around, stir things up. Sometimes I just want a clean slate – hate everything we have in the house – need to start over. It is when I get to that stage that I realise that I need my husband here – the grounded person in this relationship, to tell me “are you sure we should drill a hole there?” or “but it looks nice they way it is”. Anyone else suffering from this disorder? :)

I think it is bedtime.